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Tandberg 3080 receiver

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This just popped up on eBay in the USA. It's a new one on me - I hadn't realised that Tandberg did a receiver as part of their 3000 range. 

Rather an ungainly-looking beast, in my opinion, without the charm of the older 2080 receiver or the 3012 integrated in the same series.

Tandberg 3080 receiver


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Well, it does not look good at all 🙁

It's designed and manufactured after Tandberg bankruptcy by Tandberg Audio. I guess it may play well, but ....  


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To my taste this guy has its own charm

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It's an interesting piece... more or less what you would get from combining a 3031A tuner, 3038A preamp, and 3036A amplifier. I like mine well enough but it gets almost no use since the 2080 is easier on the eyes (and ears) and the higher-end, earlier models like 3001A/3008A/30026A in my larger system are clearly better performing components. Other than having remote control, the 3080A falls short in nearly every other area against those older pieces. Not a lot, but enough to keep it on the shelf.




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