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Calling out to Huldra 6 and 7 owners

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Are there any Huldra 6 or 7 owners out there in the world?
I am interested if any of you use this as a serious tube amp. Or just as a beautiful vintage radio.
I am just in the process of restoring two Huldra 7's. Soon also a Huldra 6.
Currently using one Huldra 7 as a 'normal' tube amp. With it's 2xEL84 output tubes I thought it can be used with modern sources as a hifi amplifier. It has two extra inputs and I run it with a DAC and a CD. I really like it's sound, it performs very well.
I wonder if anyone else out there is using 60'ies tube radio receivers like this, Tandberg or other brands.

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I got a H7 with the Huldra 9 I bought as a present. Still have the wood left to touch up, but I am using it as my office stereo already. The built in speakers aren't exactly amazing, but nontheless the sound of the amp is so damn pleasant. Now I frequently listen to the national broadcasting Jazz channel, which i have never done before. I blame the Huldra 7.


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