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Bill from Kirkland, WA USA

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Love the looks of the Tandbergs.  My sister studied specs and listened to and compared receivers the entire summer of 1977.  She bought a TR-2040 and some high-end inefficient speakers that the Tandberg couldn't drive properly.  I loved the looks but was less than impressed with the sound quality.  Fast forward 45 years and I got a broken TR-1020 with a large equipment purchase.

I found the Tandbergista TR-1000 Magnum Opus repair write-up and that exceptional repair journey inspired me to repair my TR-1020.  With the Magnum Opus idea of gifting it to my sister.

Now my project is nearly completed and the receiver is up and running.  The sound is rich and full making me more impressed with the sound quality of this Tandberg than the great looks.  Now I understand why she loved her Tandberg.

I am glad to be part of this site and hope that I can be of assistance as Jens and his write-up was to me.

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Welcome !


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Hi Bill!
Welcome. Glad you liked my TR-1000 restoration. Are you taking on more Tandberg restorations?
I'd love to read about them if you do.
In the US there are sometimes Tandberg bargains to be found if you can repair them yourself. I watch the market there a bit but shipping to Europe is too much usually.


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