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Greatings form the Netherlands

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Hello, my name is Wim and a Tandberg user since 1977. Then I bought a TR2025MB. Also known as the Huldra 11. On marketplace i also bought Fasett speakers and a TCD310MK2 and a TCD320.

I was surching for Tandberg information at Sportsbil but that is not available anymore. I found this new forum. 

Is this forum instead of Sportsbil? 

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Welcome Wim!
This new forum is not instead of Sportsbil, rather it was a coincidence that Sportsbil went down at the same time this forum started.
So far we have had an active community in Scandinavia but we saw the need to be able to reach out beyond. We are hoping to connect international Tandberg fans here and help each other to keep our machines going!
Fortunately though we have also have a backup here of the Sportsbil archive.


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