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greetings from the frozen midwest the moment

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thanks to Jens, for helping with a Huldra 8 i had started the translation using google but ran into difficulty with certain technical terms that did not make sense or even translate.

my adventure with Tandberg started with a purchase of a 10XD reel to reel that still works that was 12 yrs ago and talk about how good the sound is, remember this was made in 1974........since then  i was hooked with 10in reel to reel now have Akai 747,Revox PR99, B77,Teac 3440,Pioneer RT 1011,RT 707.Technics RS 1506. getting back to the tandberg i sort of remember the name back in the 70`s but never saw them expensive even back then. now have a TP 43,  TCD 3014, TR 2075 MkII, TR 2025, aside from that so glad there is a new forum to keep the interest going and help

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