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Hello from Holland

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Hello to all Tandberg fans. I am Guido and I live in the Netherlands. I bought my first Tandberg device (TR2040) last year and was able to get it working, with help of tandbergista's blog and this forum. Quite happy with it! The virus struck and I came across an Huldra 10 that was supposedly not working. Cleaning contacts did the trick and treated it to new bulbs and capacitors. There is something about the H10; it is like a box of magic and it really makes the music come alive. Almost 50 years old and still going strong: now that's quality for you.

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Welcome Holland from Poland 

I am working on Huldra 11 just now, it's a magic receiver 🙂


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Welcome GuidoR!
I'm Tandbergista by the way. Glad my blog inspired you!


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