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Hi guys! Klas here😊

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I'm a Norwegian, living in the west country. 3D artist/game developer. 1987 model.

I have no education in electrics or anything, just a bit of hobby tinkering. And I insist on using the term user, or listener rather than collector, about myself😅

 Anyways, here is my vintage Hi-Fi story!

Fell in love with Tandberg after getting a Sølvsuper 11 and a pair of Hi-Fi System 7 many years ago to play records on an 80s ITT turntable I got cheap at a yardsale.How could something so old, sound so good!

Passed it on to a buddy, some time after I got a Huldra 10, which set a new bar all together. Got a pair of broken TL2510 and fixed those up to use with the H10. When I took them home and opened them, the membranes came pouring out, as did the coils on the filter. Like a sad slinky! A little love and glue and oil later they worked great!

Later I bought and fixed a Lenco L78 to replace my wonky ITT. The L78 is a 13 kilo Swiss beast, with a straight, heavy arm. Lovely thing too. Its calibrations are as advanced as a brick, and the motor can pull a tank. It loves to track heavy, so I combined it with the classic Pickering XV-15 cartridge and a DJ elliptical stylus at around 3 grams. It sounds fantastic, and can track a tortilla!

I then came over a pair of Black Tandberg Fasett online. What a fantastic design! They looked like they had been hanging outside, so I did a full refurbishment on those. There was in fact some sort of nest inside one of them. How the electronics and speakers were still in good condition I have no idea.

Now I had 4 speakers for the Huldra 10. So what's next? I know!

Dynaquad! For those who doesn't know it, it's a sort of poor mans surround system. It's a so called matrix format, much like QS, SQ and the likes, fully analog. It gets the out of phase information from your recording, and feeds that to your two rear speakers. You could achieve the same by connecting your speaker wires manually. The so called Hafler circuit. However both Dynaco, and Lafayette made small speaker level boxes, with balance function, volume, and so on. I found an affordable Lafayette QD-4, and hooked it up to my four speakers. The result was baffeling! Can't live without it now.

The last thing I did was give my Huldra 10 a facelift.  With new bulbs, sanding and oil, and some fixes!

And that's where I am at the moment!

Setup(pre Huldra 10 facelift.)

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Welcome !


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Wonderful story! Thank you. And welcome! 😀 

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