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I am born in 1961. In spring 1977 I used most on my savings on Tandberg HiFi. I tried TR220 and TL2520 bus was not satisfied, the local hifi salesman did trust me to take the equipment home for testing and I delivered it back without damages. Then I tried TR2025 and TL3520 and the deal was done. I remember that I bought the turntable Dual 601 at same time. I really loved it!

The year after I completed the HiFi system with a TCD 310 mkII and a set of yellow Fasett speakers. Then my needs for a decent HiFi system was fulfilled 😊

 The years went on and my Tandberg system was in daily use. Then an afternoon about fifteen years ago my wife had a party with some of the women's in the neighborhood.  Afterward she came to me an said that my speakers were broke, bad bass sound...

The Tandberg system was put away an a nasty surround system came in the Livingroom 😢 

It made me think: Is it possible for me to fix the woofer myself? I googled around and found videos to learn from and shops to buy foam rings from and the ball started to roll. I must say that I am not a schooled repair man, but I am willing to learn and if I am totally stuck I can always ask my good friend that is at really good  and schooled repairman on vintage equipment's, Lucy me 😀 

Today I have repaired a lot of speakers and receivers. And I have bought much more Tandberg receivers and speakers. By now I have Huldra 7, Huldra 9, Huldra 10, Huldra 11,Sølvsuper 11, Sølvsuper 12, TR 1000, TR 1010, TR 1040, TR 200 TR 2025 and the last one is a beautiful TR 2075 in mint outside and never opened. In Speakers I have all of the TL series without TL 5020. I almost forgot a pair of Studio Monitor in rosewood that was in perfect condition. Those two I got for free from a old man in my community. I also have couple of TA300 an TP 41, TP 42, and the two first types of transistor radios that Tandberg made.

I think it's time for reducing my collection, but TR 1000, TR 2025 and TR2075 will not be sold.

Ola S.

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Hi Ola,
Great story! Welcome.
Wonderful collection you have. And I am glad to hear there are guys out there with more gear than me 😉 I still can buy some more..


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