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Musicians using Tandberg - equipment

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Dear all,

listening to Keith Jarretts "No End" I found on www the following quote about that album: No End is a one-man-band instrumental album by American pianist and composer Keith Jarrett, where he performs all the parts through overdubbing between "two Tandberg cassette recorders".

Who knows other celebrities/musicians who own / use Tandberg?

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That's interesting, thanks for the info.
I'll try to get hold of that album..

Tandberg tape decks and reel-to-reels must have been used a lot. Probably some studios still do, those who are analogically inclined. Not sure who though. Would be interesting to know.

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The Grateful Dead archivist used 10XD open reel decks for quite some time, apparently.

Also, although I can no longer find the reference, I believe that a bed belonging to Stevie Wonder that had a TD 20A built into the headboard turned up for sale at some point.



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