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Hi, Does anyone know of any good locations for second hand hi fi shops or tech guys in Sweden?

I'd like a TCD 440A cassette deck and thought I might get lucky in Sweden as it's closer to home...

I'll be going for two weeks, last week of July and first week of August, staying mainly in the south of Sweden and will be driving in from the Hook of Holland via Germany. I'm unlikely to be travelling much further north than Gavle, but you never know and Oslo looks tempting...

I have done some googling but not had much joy, I found a good sounding tech guy called John from Eslov, but his trade ad has since been taken down and I haven't found his website.

Whilst I haven't had much luck on places to buy, I have found a lot of information on Tandberg, the sportbil files are much appreciated, and thanks too for good sites like tandbergista's. It's really helped me in choosing a deck πŸ™‚

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