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What about the acrylic versions

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I own one.

I see one on the forum.

I see them on ebay.

I know some guy I ever sold to AND bought from having one.

I have the impression, they are not so scarce.

I have read, they were an anniversary item, or a dealer showpiece.

Does anybody know about figures and percentages of the TR2075 (and apparently, also TR2055?) ?

And the reason, they were built?


My own one in the meantime plays well, but it needs some more testing, and also some kind of polishingof the front knobs (guess I use a drill, soft cloth, and polishing paste?).

Find my showoff page here! http://www.gerardslikker.nl/tandberg-tr2075-acrylaat.htm

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In general it was the demo/showroom/exhibition version. I am not aware that it has been in general sales at all. Only for partners and for the exhibition purposes.


The front knobs - polishing does not work, make it worse based on my experience. The only way I found is turning it very delicate , just 0,1mm. It's not easy as it's aluminium, but the result is superb. It should be oxidised later on, but it's too complicated so I just use the wax to protect it from the oxygen.     



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