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Tandberg TL2510 or Tandberg HIFI7

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Please help me choose! I need acoustics for my Tandberg TR2025. At the moment I have a choice of Tandberg TL2510 or Tandberg HIFI7. The HiFi 7 is attractive because the woofer is 10 "while the TL2510 is only 8". So I'll think about it. this 7 will give me more bass in sound. I am very grateful to you for your opinion.

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Hello and Welcome to the forum !

I am not the loudspeaker expert, however I had HIFI 7 and using HIFI 20 at the moment. HIFI 7 - well , it's a very basic model, look at the parameters, twitter is located in the middle of the elliptical woofer and I think it's a reason why mid-range is lost and max freq is 16k only ... 


Look at the attached manual, a lot of great info about loudspeakers in one place.   


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Very late to this party, but I'll chime in anyways!

The Hi-Fi System 7 are nice sounding, but not very detailed. Also note they have oval woofer elements at 10*6 inches, not 10*10.They are more sensitive than the 2510, and shine at low volumes and with less bass heavy music I would say. I had a pair with my Sølvsuper 11.

I think they are a little weak for a TR 2025. They felt under dimensioned with the Huldra 10 too.

The TL2510 are quite a bit more detailed. It sports a frequency range of 45hz to 22khz and likes a bit more power. Out of the two this would be the best match.

With a TR2025 you could probably kick it up a notch and look for one of the 50L models too.


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I join in and say the same as kissklas, I'd go for the TL-2510's with the TR-2025.
I have both speakers, the Hifi System 7's are very charming, they were my first Tandberg speakers, I love them dearly. But the TL-2510 are probably one notch up if you want a more "modern" sounding setup with the TR-2025.
The TL-2510 is an excellent little speaker, of course it does not put out as much bass as a TL-3510 or TL-5020, but thats just a size issue.
It might be a good idea to replace caps, or maybe not. In some they stay ok in some I've had the caps needed replacement. If the highs are not that clear and airy then maybe a cap replacement is due. It is a marvellously musical and airy speaker.

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Hi, I don't have any personal experience regarding Hifi 7 or TL-2510, though I've heard that Hifi 7 has very good sensitivity. However, I have a pair of TL-2520 and TL-3520, and can honestly say that they both sound very good with TR-2025. -Sami


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