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Tandberg TL2510 or Tandberg HIFI7

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Please help me choose! I need acoustics for my Tandberg TR2025. At the moment I have a choice of Tandberg TL2510 or Tandberg HIFI7. The HiFi 7 is attractive because the woofer is 10 "while the TL2510 is only 8". So I'll think about it. this 7 will give me more bass in sound. I am very grateful to you for your opinion.

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Hello and Welcome to the forum !

I am not the loudspeaker expert, however I had HIFI 7 and using HIFI 20 at the moment. HIFI 7 - well , it's a very basic model, look at the parameters, twitter is located in the middle of the elliptical woofer and I think it's a reason why mid-range is lost and max freq is 16k only ... 


Look at the attached manual, a lot of great info about loudspeakers in one place.   



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