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TR-200 weak sound one channel

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First post on this forum. Thanks for letting me in.

I like those Tandberg TR-200. Nice and small in format and very good bass presentation. Enough power for (my) home use.

Maybe I'm just the unlucky buyer. I bought this receiver a while back, tested it and replaced few lamps and put it on the shelf.

A few weeks ago I took it in use as main amp and it sounded/sounds just splendid with a TD-124 turntable and Mirsch OM 3-28 as main speakers and a pair of QLN ONE as satellites.

Then yesterday I noticed that the Right channel sounded much weaker than Left. To compensate I now have to turn the balance from 12 o'clock to past 3 o'clock. (Max Right is about 4 o'clock.)

(My former TR-200 I had a few years ago showed similar behaviour, but if I recall correctly, on that one one channel died completely after a few weeks use.)

What is it about old Tandbergs being woken from years and years of attic sleep?

Anyone got a clue where to start troubleshooting?


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It could be a few reasons. It's not easy to help remotely, but ...check the potentiometers ( balance and volume ), you may clean it if you know how to do it, or just spray 'a drop' of the potentiometer recovery spray. Check/replace the capacitors at the power amp board.




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Hi Mattias,
I'd check the capacitors. Specially in the output, that is the two large one's. If I remember correctly they are the ones towards the back.
If you live in Sweden, I can try to repair it for you.
I love the TR-200, such a fun little receiver with a marvellous sound.

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